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 Z Arena Guide

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PostSubject: Z Arena Guide    Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:41 am

Welcome To The Z Arena!

Since you're here, let's just get straight to the main point of the Z arena and how it is going to help climb your way to the top.

To begin, whenever you and another player feel like throwing down a match for Zennie, come to this topic and make a "New Topic". One of you will label it "Z Arena Match: Your Name vs Opponent Name".

After this is done, in the actual topic itself, you will specify that your are challenging that said person to a fight, where the location of the fight will be, and asking if they agree to the fight, for example:

"I'm Challenging Kid Gogeta to a one vs one match at the Cell Arena stage on the GLS Private Server. Do you accept?"

Then, the person that you have just challenged must reply back to the original post and say they accept the match. The time and date of your match can be decided wherever you wish, however you must post the results of the match within two days or else it will considered "Failed" and will be disregarded.

Now for some ground rules.

1 .) The winner of the fight shall receive 500 Zennie and the loser of the fight shall receive 300 Zennie. Even though you lost, you still accepted the match and showed the courage to never back down, something we reward here at GLS.

To add on to that, if a lower ranked player defeats a higher ranked player, than that said person gains double the amount of Zennie that they gain. For example, if a Rookie Z defeats a Warrior Z, then he shall receive 1000 Zennie.

2.) All fights are one on one and cannot be changed. However, if you wish to do a Team Match, then a two on two can be negotiated but all of the participants must reply back to the comment.

3.) The Rules are quite simple, the first one who depletes their opponents life bar to zero is the winner. Under no circumstance is spam allowed in the match. Beams are also prohibited in the match as they are considered unfair and can make or break a match to quickly.

4.) Treat your opponent with respect and dignity. You two may be vsing one another, but you are still members of the same clan so you must show each other the respect you deserve. Remember the quote "Treat others the way you would want to be treated?. Yea that shit applies here too!

Finally, you may only challenge a maximum of five different people per day. This stops players from challenging the same people over again for easy money.

P.S, at times there will be admins such as myself or higher rank players watching your match to see if there are any rule breakers.

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Z Arena Guide
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