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 Tournament Guide

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PostSubject: Tournament Guide    Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:39 am

Welcome members of GLS to our official tournament thread! If you feel as if your skills are up to date and are ready to play with the big boys, step right up to the challenge.

Here's the breakdown:

1.) GLS Tournaments will be sponsored every Saturday in the afternoon. If you do not know your own time zone, go to google and search it up. We will try to pick a time zone that is comfortable with everyone's availability but there will obviously be some difficulties with that.

2.) The maximum number of participants for each tournament is 8. Once 8 different members have signed up and confirmed their place, applications past that will no longer be accepted. The reason for this is because we want a fair even tournament with no complications. It's first come first serve so don't forget to sign up before the date.

3.) Once everyone is signed up and Saturday comes, there will be either a private server hosted up labelled "GLS Saturday Tournament" or an open Server labelled "GLS Clan Server" available. You need to join this server asap and listen to either an admin or Kid Gogeta's every instruction.

4.) Matches are fair one on one melee fights and it continues until one opponents is out of health. Judges will watch your match and monitor your skills and adaptability and might even recommend you to become the leader of a Z.

5.) After each match is over, the losing participants must stand on one side of the ring while the winning participants must stand on the other. This is to avoid confusion among the participants.

6.) By no means is anyone outside of the ring allowed to interfere with the match, if they do they are automatically disqualified and if we feel as if their actions are tremendous then they shall be banned from tournaments for a few weeks.

7.) The winner of the tournament shall receive 5000 Zennie and the title of "Z Champion" for a whole week until the next tournament. These champions are allowed to compete in the same tournament again but only twice in a row. Meaning, someone can only be "Z Champion" for a maximum of two weeks.

Finally, only one character may be chosen by one player. Meaning, there cannot be two Goku's, however there can be one Goku and one GokuAF seeing as they're different models with different icons. You must post which character you will be using during the registration, but also keep in mind that we do have a banned list of tournament characters unlessyou unlock them from the Zennie Shop.

These characters are:


Now, get out there and train so that you can enter, win, and take your throne among the best of the best.

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Tournament Guide
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