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 Z Tower Guide

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PostSubject: Z Tower Guide   Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:16 am

Do you think you're strong enough to challenge the Z Tower and scale the walls into greatness? Let's find out if you've got what it takes to overcome the Z Tower and earn your spot as GLS's Tower Champion!

Here's the breakdown of the Z Tower and all of the necessities you will need to keep yourself out of trouble.

1.) To challenge the Z Tower, first you must create a "New Topic" and label it "Your name's right to challenge!". Inside of the topic, you will state that you are challenging the Z Tower and what time you are available to do so.

2.) Once your application has been posted and we see that you have all of your specifications completed, the Z Tower will begin and you will be asked to join the "Z Tower Private Server" with a password (that will be PM'ed to you).

3.) Once you are in the server, the rules of the Z Tower will be explained there and then the fight will commence.

4.) Your rank will be determined by how many matches you can win without losing and you shall receive Zennie depending on that number.

5.) The level of difficulty will increase with each step up the tower, so make sure that you prepare yourself before you begin because once you start, you are not allowed to stop until the challenge is over or unless one of the Administrators has an emergency.

6.) Use your speed and instincts to avoid getting blasted. You are not permitted to blast in the server, however the administrator is.

So now that the rules are set, it is time to introduce the route that you can take in the Z Tower.(For now)

DBZ Route:

- In the DBZ Route, you will have to face several iconic DBZ characters in their home stages to advance to the next level of the Z Tower. Also, the character that you are using must also be a character that was selected in that same scenario.

Tower Stage 1 - Raditz Stage

Tower Stage 2 - Saiyan Stage

Tower Stage 3 - Early Namek Stage

Tower Stage 4 - Final Namek Stage

Tower Stage 5 - Android Stage

Tower Stage 6 - Cell Games Stage

Tower Stage 7 - World Tenkaichi Stage

Tower Stage 8 - Super Buu Stage

Tower Stage 9 - Kid Buu Stage

Tower Stage 10 - Final Stage, Broly Stage

Now for the DBZ route, the matches will be as if you themselves are the actual characters. You are only allowed to use characters that were in the scenario of that stage, meaning that if you are fighting in the saiyan stage, the only characters you would be allowed to use are Goku, Kid Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and Tien
Some final notes on the Z Tower:

  • You are only allowed to challenge the Z Tower once per every three days
  • The Z Tower server is only to be used for the administrator and the challenger, any other player who comes into the server shall be punished accordingly.
  • If you complain about the set up of the Z challenge, you can request a change in this forum by just making a new topic. Please do try to make your demands reasonable.
  • Each stage will award you a different rank and also a starting Zennie point. Each time you win the next tower stage, you will combine the Zennie you've earned from the first with the Zennie you've earned from the last.

Now that this had been established, who dares to challenge the Z Tower!

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Z Tower Guide
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