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 Welcome to the Legend Z's

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Legend Z's   Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:56 am

Congratulations to those who have made it to this level, you are now a Legend Z!!! Be proud as you are among the highest level of the GLS clan.

This is where the most powerful and most god like fighters of the GLS clan can hold their titles as one of the best. You are not only here to fight, you are here to help people who are new and still need attending. Don't put them done lift up their spirits, they look will look up to you as a big brother.So make sure you  are responsible for helping other clan members through   challenges they will soon face.We over come anything that many have dreamed of overcoming, as we are at the top of the chain. Any one who crosses you'r path will regret they did. Stay strong, train hard, and keep up the good work!

Also, since I am your Z leader I shall overlook all of your activities and your topics. If you ever need a question answered, just PM me or make a new topic in this section and I'll be there right away.

Stay strong Legend Z members, and make me proud.
Thank you-Kid*Itachi
Legend Z owner, Leader of Gls.
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Welcome to the Legend Z's
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